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OVER 1,600 hectares of land assets
WE maintain
the required global market quality LEVEL
We supply to
Europe, Asia, USA and South Africa

We currently support over 5000 independent farmers who produce paprika and
birds eye chilli for sale into export markets.

Through our subsidiary, Tropha Estates Limited, we are the largest exporter of birds eye chilli in Malawi. We have three estates in Northern Malawi where we are currently focussing our investment in irrigation and processing facilities.

All our products are of the highest quality. We supply to Europe, Asia, USA and South Africa in compliance with food safety requirements.

Our core crops are birds eye chilli, paprika and macadamia nuts.

Birds Eye Chilli

Malawi is the traditional home of the African Birds eye chilli. Locally known as Piri Piri, it is noted for its flavour as well as its heat. The chilli is regarded as hot with average SHU measuring in the mid to upper hundreds (100-175,000).

Jacoma, through its subsidiary, Tropha Estates grows the chilli both commercially and with small holder farmers. Tropha Estates Limited works closely with these farmers to maintain the required level of quality. By doing so it maintains Malawi and Jacoma’s reputation in the global market place.

The product is exported to Europe, Asia, Southern Africa and the USA, for use within the food industry as a powder as well as within sauces and marinades.


Paprika grown regionally and the Southern African regional is well known for its quality. Farmers have a long history growing paprika and they are able to produce high quality crops, rich in ASTA.

Jacoma processes paprika for export from both our commercial farms, and our closely managed small holder farmers.

The deep red / orange colour is a natural food colourant and our product is used by several of the world’s leading food companies and food products. The lower grades of paprika are exported to Southern Africa again for use within the food industry and is exported mainly as a milled powder.

With export markets in South Africa and the European Union, Jacoma is able to meet the needs of its customers and the import

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia takes up the largest hectarage within the Tropha Estates Portfolio as well as being grown by small holder farmer in selected and suitable areas.

Known as the King of Nuts, Macadamia are the healthiest nut in the nut sector with a sweet and full of flavour. Macadamias are packed with health benefitting nutrients.

Exports are to Regional Markets and thereafter the nuts are then distributed globally into the food industry for use in snack products, spreads and confectionary markets.

Lower quality nuts are used within the cosmetic industry as their oil content is highly valued in products such as shampoo and moisturiser.

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