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The first fully irrigated macadamia
plantation in Malawi
Positive impact on communities
in Northern Malawi
Investing in irrigation and
processing facilities
Value addition and job creation Socially responsible investing
in the warm heart of africa

Jacoma Estates Limited is a fast-growing UK investment company with close to 2,500 hectares of land assets under management in Southern Africa.

Farming operations are established with a combination of plantation, forestry and cash crops grown. Concentrated in the North of Malawi where there are few large agricultural companies, Jacoma’s subsidiary Tropha Estates Limited is having a positive impact on the communities in which it operates.


Create a sustainable, profitable company that provides economic opportunity for its investors, staff, neighbouring farmers and local communities.


Employ best practice principles to generate good margins while building relationships with staff, farmers and communities to make them more empowered, productive and successful.

We produce the highest quality of
birds eye chilli, paprika and macadamia nuts.

We support and improve the well-being of more than 5200 independent farmers

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